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May 20, 2024

Meet your mentor: Mike Ser

Mike Ser, with 21 years of active trading and 15 years of coaching, has led many to trading success. Transitioning from a corporate strategist to an independent trader, he's been featured on CNBC and BBC for his expertise.
Mike Ser will lead you to master pair trading in this course.
Thanks to GainTrade's revolutionary AI tech, Pair Trading has been made accessible to all. Cutting-edge AI analyzes countless assets and pairs at scale, enabling you to trade with the savvy of a hedge fund — independently, no team of quants or PHD required
Pair Trading is an advanced strategy that involves buying one asset while simultaneously selling a correlated one to profit from the price difference. This strategy, once the preserve of hedge funds due to its need for deep research to identify viable pairs, is now within your reach.

Why should you learn with us?

Learn at your pace wherever, whenever
You're in control of the pace with our program designed to give you access to all course materials anytime, anywhere
Real-life answers
Get your questions answered with regular, live Q&A sessions with our mentors who know what it takes to succeed
Focused outcomes
No distractions, no fluff, no time wasted. Our program is designed to be streamlined and efficient so you can go from essentials to funded, confident trader in no time flat
For a limited time, Limex is partnering with GainTrade to offer traders education and mentorship to jumpstart one's professional career. Embark on a comprehensive journey to transition from a novice to a pro in pair trading with our program.
Make your passion, your profession

From Basics to Pro in 3 Simple Stages

Stage 2: Online Sessions with Mentor
Get a chance to join Mike Ser in live, interactive sessions. Transition your theoretical knowledge to practical skills in a risk-free environment.
Stage 3: Trading Career with GainTrade
Excel in your class for a chance to join GainTrade. Experience a rewarding trading career and turn what you've learned into money earned.
Stage 1: Foundations of Pair Trading
Dive into intensive video lessons to grasp the basics. You can do it at your own time, at your own pace.


Is this course right for me?

We're looking for traders who want to...
  • Learn to set up trading bots with ease, no programming or team of analysts required
Career Opportunities for Traders
  • Discover lucrative pair trading strategies used by hedge funds for decades
  • Explore the possibilities GainTrade's robust platform provides traders like you wanting to try something new
Complete the course, pass the exam, and the strongest traders will gain access to more private mentorship and a chance to work with's prop firm and make a career out of the program.
  • Jumpstart a full-time trading career using new trading technology powered by cutting-edge API

What's Inside Our Free Course?

  • Free Paper Trading Account on GainTrade Platform
  • 6 Interactive Online Lessons
  • Hands-on Trading Experience on GainTrade Platform
  • Access to an exclusive trading community on Limex
  • 24/7 Support Available
  • $30,000 funding for talented traders and access to 1:1 mentorship with Mike Ser
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