Develop portfolio management and stock selection skills using machine-learning tools

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20 days
Start date
August 25, 2024
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Follow this step-by-step guide to discover how to include sophisticated and powerful machine-learning tools in your investment process.

Limex Ai’s user-friendly interface allows traders to access a wide range of investable universes, risk-reward optimization goals, data series and statistical analysis, filters and conditions, etc.

The Limex platform allows you to use your individual Ai-powered strategies to trade on your personal accounts, provide investment ideas to other investors, mentor newer traders, or eventually manage a Limex-funded trading account.

Three Steps

Develop, test, and execute

Strategy development
Define your priorities – which stocks to include, risk levels, and other variables like dividend yields, diversification rules, etc. Pick an optimization goal, a back-testing period, and run multiple simulations with historical data.

Select the strategies that best achieve your investment goals and start trading.
Real-time testing
Once you settle on one or more strategies based on the back-testing results, turn it “live” and run it with actual data.

Try different strategies until you find the one that best achieves your goals

What sets us apart

Access user-friendly Ai
Limex interface connects traders with cutting edge machine-learning infrastructure to build individualized investment strategies.
Improve your trading
Complete the course with the skills to manage assets and mentor within the Limex community
Fund your trading
Trade real capital on a Limex-funded account, developing your track record while sharing profits.
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