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May 20, 2024
Discover a New Way of Trading
At GainTrade, we focus on pair trading — a unique strategy comparing two companies within the same industry.

Unlike traditional trading that competes over single stocks, pair trading hones in on the relative performance between two firms, providing a strategic edge in a less saturated market.
Why Pair Trading Deserves Your Attention
Thanks to GainTrade's revolutionary AI tech, Pair Trading has been made accessible to all.

Cutting-edge AI analyzes countless assets and pairs at scale, enabling you to trade with the savvy of a hedge fund — independently, no team of quants or PHD required

Modern Tools for Modern Traders

Forget the outdated spreadsheet analyses. GainTrade provides a modern, automated platform that frees you from manual data management, allowing you to focus on strategy and profit.
Outdated spreadsheets

Who Can Benefit?

Start with a clean slate and learn to trade without unlearning old habits
Experienced Traders
Discover new strategies to diversify your trading techniques

Financial Enthusiasts
Anyone interested in finance and trading will find our course enlightening and practical
Your Journey in Pair Trading with
a strategy
Think Different
with Pair Trading
Why limit yourself to Apple against the USD, where you're up against macroeconomic forces? offers a smarter way: pair trading that pits Apple against Facebook or Walmart against Amazon.
Simplified Learning
with GainTrade
Pair trading might seem complex, but we make it easy. Our free 10-video series clearly explains its principles. Use these strategies on GainTrade to automate your trading, or apply them independently as you explore the markets.

Mike Ser will lead you to master pair trading in this course

Mike Ser, with 21 years of active trading and 15 years of coaching, has led many to trading success. Transitioning from a corporate strategist to an independent trader, he's been featured on CNBC and BBC for his expertise.

Course Highlights:

Explore how to capitalize on temporary market inefficiencies before they disappear.
Understanding Pair Trading
vs. Traditional Trading
Our platform uses advanced algorithms to identify profitable trading opportunities, making complex strategies accessible
Learn the core differences and why pair trading often leads to more opportunities.
Arbitrage Strategies
Simplifying Complex Concepts:
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Join our community of traders ready to change the game.
With GainTrade, you’re not just learning to trade; you’re learning to excel.